Top Tracks: September (Part Two)

Top Tracks: September (Part Two)

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Henry Jamison: ‘The Last Time I Saw Adrianne’


With his debut album, The Wilds due ouT November 3rd via Akira Records, New England native, Henry Jamison reveals another nostalgic lullaby that is fixed with a sense of melancholy. Take the time to really appreciate this as it will provide you with an intimacy on an aural level that is seldom achieved.

Benjamin James:Luminary


This is undoubtedly James’s most immediate work to date. I am on a see-saw, one end is an exquisite hazy dream and the other is complete euphoria. ‘Luminary‘, brings me halfway. There’s a rare beauty here that makes it one of the most powerful songs of the year.

Wilder Maker: ‘New Streets’ 


The New York-based quartet provide a song saturated in harmonies and hooks. They map out a path for their listeners that is both inspiring and an illustration of cohesive and intelligent musicianship.

Teen Ravine: ‘Hall Of Horrors’ 


There’s an elegance within this that is somewhat hard to comprehend. The intelligence within the production and delivery of ‘Hall Of Horrors’ is what I would deem one of my goals to achieve if a musician. This is ablaze with lush atmospherics and showcases a genius at work.

Linn-Koch Emmery: ‘Under The Sun’


The Swedish singer-songwriter shifts between subtle and blistering seamlessly. The shoegaze infusion here brings something beautifully textured and there’s a confidence on record that is notable. The thing is, you know this is going to be as satisfying live as on record.

Banfi: ‘June


In an age of saturated alternative indie, Banfi keep things very interesting. Sparkling with pristine harmonies, interwoven melodics and some of the catchiest hooks you are likely to hear in 2017, this is a complete triumph.



An undeniable talent with formidable vocals, MADDEE has a voice that is like the most indulgent layer of deep velvet chocolate cascading over you. Moving seamlessly between its melodic trinkets and luxurious delivery, this is a fierce new talent to behold.

Clara-Nova: ‘The Illusionist’

Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 17.41.40

The sublime magic of her voice alone is reward enough, but the bright production within this brilliantly arranged opus means we have hit the jackpot.

Bdy_Prts: ‘Warrior


It’s been interesting seeing Jill and Jenny progress. One of the most admirable things is that they are doing things at their own pace and have now found a notable style. Jonny Scott’s production is instantly recognisable. With its sophisticated synth layering and gut-punch percussive undercarriage, this is wonderfully crafted electro-pop.

VILDE: ‘Just Visiting’


Having covered potentially everything that the Ex-Kins member has released so far, I think this is probably the greatest compliment I can pay. A true artist in every way, VILDE is a compelling musician and ‘Just Visiting‘ is a bonafide masterpiece.

Cina Polada: ‘July 13th


A brooding soundboard and one of the breakout artists of 2017 for us. Cina Polada bring the true ethos and nostalgia of old-school indie back and do so in a way that is both innovative and exciting. This distils beautifully what it’s like to be young and passionate.

TUSKS: ‘Last


TUSKS (aka Emily Underhill) has penned an anthem overflowing with modern day neo-classical alt-indie force. An emotional, exuberant and defiant marvel, this will have you pressing play again as soon as it’s finished. 

All Tvvins: ‘Anything’


I first saw All Tvvins live a couple of years in a small Glasgow venue. Their live show is nothing short of inspiring and their backgrounds in previous bands have given them the foundations to slide into the electro-pop stratosphere with remarkable ease. This is a welcome return from the duo following consistent hits and another heavenly release at that.

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