Top Tracks: September (Part 2)

Top Tracks: September (Part 2)

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse in them:


The New Royales: ‘Lonely But Not Alone’ 

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The 5th song to be released from the intriguing quartet’s upcoming EP. With its deep soul grooves and almost post-punk backline, this is the type of fusion you want to invest it. This song illustrates the clear musicianship of the group’s members.

No Middle Name: ‘Fading Photo’


There are so many endearing qualities about this song that it makes me heart notably swell. The solo project from David Bailey of The Title Sequence evokes an otherworldly vision that really gets under your skin. Bailey’s vocal has an appeal that gels perfectly with the life affirming instrumentation on this track. 

Alyeska: ‘EverGlow’ 


The LA-based band are not hiding behind anything here, this is a solid, alternative rock track that calls back to great bands such as Sonic Youth. It might not have the same cacophony, but it has the same principles – good, honest, intriguing musicianship.

Swimming Tapes: ‘Tides’


Swimming Tapes are one of the few bands of late to have a real identity and memorability about them. ‘Tides‘ is a prime example that’s almost a fusion of Fleetwood Mac and DCFC, but with their own melodic injection. This was written for lazy days in the sun appreciating everything around you.

Kyle Morton: ‘Survivalist Fantasy’ 


This is an arresting arrangement and one that sets itself apart from the countless folk/acoustic musicians that have come to light. This feels wise and grand and in its sound, it shines as something very special indeed.

Heavy Heart: ‘The World Is A Gumball’


Can Heavy Heart do no wrong? It’s incredible that they are not more widely known. As part of their continued “release a song each month” campaign, their latest release illustrates the ineffable quality to their music that just works.

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