Top Tracks: October (Part 2)

Top Tracks: October (Part 2)

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse in them:


Campbell: ‘Don’t Move’


Produced by Basement Jaxx’s Simon Ratcliffe, this is New Zealand singer-songwriter, Campbell’s debut single. This is an intelligent track that is captivating in terms of pop electronica. The depth within the production really propels this and places it in a league of its own. 

Coyóte: ‘A Lil Bit’


Structurally hop, skip and jumping, this is an alluring indie rock belter. There’s a ferocity and edge here that files this under songs to “lose your shit to”.

Goose: ‘Small Talk’ 


Scottish “bedroom producer” Angus Hamilton has emerged with a bit of a game changer in terms of electro music coming out of Scotland. There’s quite a lot of nostalgia in this song and it throws me back to artists such as Múm thanks to its magical production. This is completely charming.

Démira – ‘Fountain’


This is both elusive and beautiful, it is something so immediate, yet enriched, it will strike you how evocative it is within seconds.

Escapists: ‘Silence’ 


This gives you all the feeling of an 80s power ballad, but it is firmly placed in the here and now. A mesmeric, minimalist, yet intense indie rock soundscape that provides as much intimacy as it does euphoria.

Holy Fawn: ‘Reykur


The 4-piece shoegaze band have managed to inject enough emotion in this song it makes you almost heady. This is a postcard of a journey that has captured a band at their most dynamic, intelligent and powerful.

Von Sell: ‘Energystabs’ 


This is as much a cinematic score as it is a contemporary song.  Everything within this pushes it to new heights and with a vocal whose delicacy matches the bombast of the instrumental is notable. This is extraordinary.

 Katie Kim: ‘Ghosts’ 


Possessing talent and skill far beyond her years, Kim has realised her potential fully and this is simply put, transcendent.

Praything: ‘Lonely Girl’


Ju Kovacevich’s vocal is both fascinating and unnerving at the same time. The idiosyncratic method of expression here is so uplifting that is will make you remember this song and want to return to it time and time again. 

Henry Jamison: ‘The Rains’


There’s an element of nostalgia here, both in practice and in essence. A deceptive song that makes you think it is going to be predictable, but a well-delivered folk ballad, but the angelic chorus that entwines with Jamison’s lead vocal is nothing short of sublime.

Jitterz: ‘One Good Song’ 


 New-wave, infectious, lyrically grounded and ridiculously catchy. This is a smashing debut with guts, vigour and undeniable potential.

Bossie: ‘A Lot Like Love’

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 16.03.57

Swimming in lovely melodies and punctuated by staunch electronic beats, this still has a heartbeat beneath it and if you don’t end up singing along then you are dead inside.

Whenyoung: ‘Actor


There’s a confidence here that shows a band that know exactly where they are going. Packed with gut-punching riffs and recalling back to teenage rebellion, this is everything that you would want in an indie alt-punk song.

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