Top Tracks: November

Top Tracks: November

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse in them:


William Arcane: ‘Hourglass


From a production effort alone this is stunning, Arcane manages to capture something within the mood that keeps you under his spell. The recurring melodic vein that stitches this together is the icing on the cake.

Inouwee: ‘Love and Decay’ 


This is a pop tour de force that is sweet and sassy in equal measure. There are also some particularly poignant moments within this that show an added maturity.

Alyeska: ‘Lose My Place’

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This is the second month that Alyeska has hit our top tracks. Evolving with every release, this adopts the same alt-grunge appeal that blessed the last release ‘EverGlow’. With a discordant sweetness, this is an absolute gem.

Lea Thomas: ‘Want For Nothing’


Thomas’s vocal is in every essence an instrument here. There is such an accomplished level in her musicianship, the arrangement feels like velvet and takes you on a journey of melancholy, love and hope.

Echo Ladies: ‘Close To Be Close To Me’ 


Released via indie label Hybris, this is audacious in delivery and composition. With its synth-wizardry, epic soundscapes and nectarous vocals, it is in every way a triumph.

Babe: ‘Ayo


With a nuanced and rich production coupled with Gerard Black’s ethereal vocal stylings, this is an immersive experience that is elevated by an already accomplished group of musicians.

Leon Else: ‘Dance


With near perfect production, this succeeds in mixing its safer stylistic choices with a real boldness. The strong delivery throughout this is accomplished in a way that makes Else feel like an artist that has been around for decades.

White Kite: ’26’ 


This is sharp, emotive and absolutely massive in sound. This is a sterling addition to the band’s repertoire and one that places them firmly on the “ones to watch” lists.

Low Island: ‘End Piece’


The second track by the Oxford 4-piece and one that is sublime. The band consolidate their position here by expressing big emotions subtly. The production takes this to another level and at times it feels almost overwhelming in its delivery.

Jynx: ‘Saffron City’ 


This explores all manner of sounds and fuses electronic, house, jazz and more to make something highly addictive. This will dictate your heartbeat if you let it, just give in and let it dominate you in all its glory.

Courtney Marie Andrews: ‘Put The Fire Out’ 


It’s really wonderful to see Andrews start to gain the praise she deserves. Having put on several shows with her in Scotland, there was always something very special about her. This is definitely the reemergence of one of the most affecting new talents of the last few years.

Crywolf: ‘Windswept’


This is instant aural gratification. There’s an intimacy in terms of the vocal that is notable and the dynamism of the whole track is like a tidal wave.

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