Top Tracks: March

Top Tracks: March

 We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:

Our Mother: ‘Heaven


The quartet offers copious catchy bits, gutsy bass undertones and more variation than the usual electro indie guitar-plus-beats norm with the addition of an endearing soprano vocal.

Echo Ladies: ‘Nothing Ever Lasts’


The Malmö trio have managed to bring influences from the likes of The Cocteau Twins to the present day in a way that lets me live vicariously through them. This is huge in sound, you are lost in a wall of sound and one that is otherworldly. 

Goon: ‘Cammie At Night’


Exploring the sensitive subject of sexuality repressed by religion, Goon have penned and delivered an absolutely electrifying track and one that makes me desperate for a long player from the 4-piece. This is glamorous, slacker, Dandy Warhols-like euphoria. 

Mungbean: ‘Night Drive’


A near perfect electro-pop song that is further augmented by velveteen vocals. The depth in this at points makes you feel completely adrenalised.

AK/DF: ‘Lagom’


I have become so addicted to this song that is has pushed other listening out of the way. The relentless dynamism and crack synth arpeggios are enough to have you moshing in any location you frequent. It’s like Talking Heads met Fischerspooner for a night, made sweet love and produced a fresh new heir to the electro-pop throne.

Flint Eastwood: ‘Queen


I don’t quite know how to describe the power of this song. There is something so fierce about Flint Eastwood that it almost makes me want to use this as a protest anthem. This is gritty, hopeful, reflective and above all it is a triumph.

Golden Vessel: ‘Tell The-Girl (ft. Emerson Leif)’


This is more than a song, it’s an experience. It’s one that immerses you deep within its textures and you become so consumed that you just feel in awe of its intelligence and power. This is so natural and effortless in its delivery that it makes me feel lucky to be listening to it.

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