Top Tracks: July (Part 1)

Top Tracks: July (Part 1)

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse yourself in them:


Loyal Lobos: ‘The Fall’ 


Liberal and bold, Andrea Silva has composed a simple and staggering ode to human emotion and has crafted a shimmering, Americana-influenced debut. This also shows an artist reveling in the process of discovery.

Anna Of The North:Someone

Anna Lovers Album Packshot

Defiantly ambitious, ‘Someone‘ is the second single taken from Anna Of The North’s highly anticipated album, Lovers. A slice of atmospheric, delicious electro-pop, this has such an endearing backdrop that you will fall in love with her dazzling vocals alone.

Hey Baby!: ‘1800-WEED


A band evoked with the thrill and passion of getting high and their mission to get marijuana high, ‘1800-WEED’ is punk abandon with fizzing guitars and ferocious, slacker-punch vocals.

The Breaks: ‘Honey’

The Breaks

This lays the foundations of something mighty to come from the mysterious outfit. ‘Honey’ is a wonderfully affecting and indulgent yet also controlled exercise in emotive guitar rock.

Lauren Ruth Ward: ‘Did I Offend You?’


If Ward’s vocal doesn’t immediately affect you then you have the heart of strong. There is an extraordinary emotional depth to her vocal delivery that gets under your skin. This is a startling revelation and the latest release begs the question, “why is she not a global superstar?”.

Dominique: ‘Use Me’


A self-taught DIY producer and singer-songwriter, Dominique’s latest release, ‘Use Me’ is a timeless, shimmering electro-pop debut. Her nectarous vocal underpins an addictive sweeping electronic gem.

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