Top Tracks: December

Top Tracks: December

 We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse in them:


Babe: ‘Bit Part’ 


The second month in a row that they Glasgow-based quartet have hit our top tracks. There’s a level of production within the Babe discography that sets them apart from the amateurs. They are one of the most progressive and exciting bands to come out of Scotland. This is a stepping stone to further their sophistication and this is unarguable brilliance.

Crow’s Feet: ‘Hesitator’


We had already made this Song of the Daybut the video has arrived and it further illustrates the promise and finesse of the sextet. They capture the otherworldly and the level of emotion in this arrangement and its delivery means that I will return to it again and again in my personal listening. This is the greatest compliment I can pay.

Heavy Heart: ‘Keepsake’ 


It’s an astonishing feat to manage to release as many songs this year as Heavy Heart have done. In doing so though, they have reaffirmed who they are each time and become ingrained in our minds at Podcart. This is because of the consistency of their output. ‘Keepsake’, is a bittersweet delivery and one that feels so full of sadness. There was a moment I shed a tear during this song and something I am not embarrassed to admit. Lyrically, it hit me hard and its musical accompaniment is something that washes over you.

The Deer Tracks: ‘Home’


I can’t deny the fact that this taps into my love of Björk. The production is on point and whilst this is packed with electro glitches and punches, there is a prominent heartbeat beneath it all. This is compelling.

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