Top Tracks: August

Top Tracks: August

We have put together a list of songs that have stood out this month for a plethora of reasons. Please take the time to invest and immerse in them:

The Slow Revolt: ‘Stitched Hearts’


As stunning in production as it is in delivery, this is the second track to be taken from the band’s Sketches EP. An uncompromising work, this is hypnotic, brooding and under-the-skin stuff.

Grace Joyner: ‘Dreams’ 


The Hearts & Plugs label has already made an impression on us with their fine roster and so it continues. Indie chanteuse, Grace Joyner reveals new intoxicating ballad, ‘Dreams‘, her unwavering confidence shines through along with the penetrable melancholy in her voice.

Pang Attack: ‘Frailty Revisited’ 


Taken from their album called North Country Psychic Girls due out later this year, Montreal 3-piece Pang Attack have emerged with their newest release. A cinematic wonder, ‘Frailty Revisited’ is like a drunken confession. Emotionally, this will pull you in several directions. 

Trails and Ways: ‘Happiness


A contender for one of the best indie pop anthems of the year, Californian quartet Trails and Ways have emerged with the bombastic, ‘Happiness‘.  Supersaturated in lush melodic licks and still exhibiting a menace in the lyrics, this is stunning.

FEWS: ’10 Things (TVAM Remix)’


Anything that FEWS is involved in works. It’s as simple as that. Every release has been on point and now the TVAM Remix of ‘10 Things‘ continues their winning streak. Packed full of discordant distortion, slacker vocals and gut-punching synth waves, this will make any fucked up moment you have call out for this as its soundtrack.

Soulé: ‘Love No More’ 


Dublin-based Soulé is going to be huge. I am so confident I am willing to put a wager on it. Her vocal combined with pristine production is where you would expect Garage to be now. The trip hop influence here gets right under the skin and the melodic perfection of the top line makes this one of the best tracks of the year.

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