The Winter Gypsy: Took Me By

The Winter Gypsy: Took Me By

Adelaide’s The Winter Gypsy have already started gaining mounting praise as a new band to keep a close eye on. The sextet are the result of 4 previous bands joining together to form as they put it, “a conclusion”.

Their latest release ‘Took Me By’ is as captivating visually, thanks to Gerard Wood, as it is audibly. Tushar Singh manages to create a virtual comfort blanket with his stunning vocals. With its engaging songwriting, lyrics that paint a very unsettling and affecting picture, this anchors the band in worthwhile territory.

You can hear every angle and every side of the shape they’ve made in ‘Took Me By’. The unimpeachable logic of every note, added to its soaring production, makes this a complete joy.

Photo by Charles Phillpot

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