The West End Welcomes A New Venue!

The West End Welcomes A New Venue!

It’s official, after what seems a lifetime, Glasgow’s West End welcomes a new music venue in the shape of The Hug And Pint.

Business partners Brian Reynolds (Synergy Concerts/Wickerman Festival) and Colin Campbell (The Squid & Whale) have joined forces to bring a much needed independent venue to the city’s West End.

The reputation of the pair boasts an honest and passionate interest in music, the wellbeing of future customers and staff and an open mind to develop and evolve as a venue.

Following the disappointing closure of Captains Rest and subsequently Liquid Ship/Roxy 171, The Hug & Pint will fill a gaping hole.

With their name take from Arab Strap‘s iconic album (Monday At The Hug & Pint), The Hug & Pint will be located at 171 Great Western Road (formerly The Roxy 171) and will serve as an intimate music venue, bar and eatery. With their logo also designed by Aidan Moffat, there is something truly unique at the heart of where this idea has stemmed and what is to come.

The venue plans to open June 2015 and the team behind the new venture have already assured excellent sound/PA system, quality music, delicious food and an impressive bar. Music bookings will be handled by Joe Rattray (Synergy Concerts).

Stay tuned!

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