For The Record is back again with another stunning vinyl release.

The series continues with me looking at taking a leap of faith again and buying records because I liked the look of them. It also means I start investing more into the physical side of music again and putting back into my local shops. I am not going to like everything, but there is something really exciting about the unknown.

This week’s pick is from Monorail Music at Glasgow’s Kings Court. The independent record store is located within Mono (venue, eatery).

Browsing the ‘New Release’ section, the standout cover belongs to The Body. I am not going to lie, the title alone ‘No One Deserves Happiness’ was an instant attraction. As someone that bathes in constant misery, this along with the foreboding front cover reminded me of one of those horror movies whereby you are invited in by a seemingly easygoing exterior, but what awaits is something that is going to stay with you for days to come. Released March 18th via Thrill Jockey, this is a sensational vinyl package. Everything from the typeface on the front/back cover to the marbled pink vinyl is exquisite.

This record is not for the faint-hearted, but it’s also something not to fear. When explaining to Mono staff that I had no idea what this was going to sound like, the nice man behind the counter said something along the lines of “bone-crushing doom”. To a certain degree, it is, but it’s speckled with a thousand idiosyncratic ideas on repeat. This is virtuosic, perplexing and wonderfully original.

For more information and to purchase visit –

Even better, pop down to your local record shop and purchase.

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