Talk Show: ‘Banshee’

Talk Show: ‘Banshee’

Music and its fashions continue with many talking about the resurgence of different genres but if we’re honest, there’s just a spotlight cast on a particular style of music when we see fit. 

Post-punk is the flavour of the decade and it’s been incredible to see so many notable bands flooding through including the likes of Fontaines D.C., Just Mustard and more. 

Talk Show are the latest introduction and one that have an incredible maturity and bite to their delivery and songwriting. Their latest single ‘Banshee’ is the preservation of post-punk and manages to keep a freshness that will thankfully introduce it to a new audience. There’s abrasive confidence on show here and it’s just further testament that this is a band ready to attract the masses. 

Talk Show play Glasgow’s Nice ‘n’ Sleazy Friday 17 April 

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