Tales Of Las PodcART

Tales Of Las PodcART

Long time no talk verbal shit! So, what’s been happening you ask? Well it’s been absolutely mental! These past few weeks have been some of the most stressful yet euphoric times I have experienced so far in my bubble world but I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

We have now confirmed our venue for our live sessions to be 13th Note. We thank the venue so much for this opportunity as we have huge respect for them and their beautiful staff. (Holy hotties Batman). Sean will be doing most of the organisation and we have an awesome waiting list of acts. This includes some truly special collaborations and some special surprises.

I was out over the weekend and saw The Gothenburg Address on Friday they are so damn tight. I don’t mean in a young virgin way I do actually mean musically. They really stole the show and should have headlined in my opinion. Saturday I saw the magnificent Second Hand Marching band, the beautiful Annie Accidental and the sublime Esperi. It was one of those last minute gigs that turns into something really quite special. All profits went to Enable Scotland and I ended up more pished than George Best in a vat of meths.

Missed the Frightened Rabbit show at Queens Hall last night but we caught up with the boys over the weekend and they were really looking forward to it. Also, a very special shout out to Phillip Quirie (Debutant) who made his debut with the beautiful Meursault. They supported the Rabbits, what a show as your opener!

Will and I have started planning our huge gig in November with Panda Su, Debutant, Esperi and Yahweh. There are going to be visually stunning things happening and watch out for the most original posters you are likely to see around Glasgow…….we are going to do things a bit differently. I cannot wait for this gig, it is going to really be a defining point for all of us at PodcART as the respect we have for all 4 artists is something of massive proportions.

Oh to all you Freshers starting uni soon expect to see us sniffing about you. Watch out for Ally as he actually will put his nose to your young ample chests and sniff quite strongly…..keep those knickers hidden.

With a new website designed, Radio Magnetic as our bunk bed and new special live sessions to propel us through the months the next stage of PodcART is well on its way to being every bit as special as we could have ever hoped for.

Halina x

Felix Champion
Kill The Waves

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