Nadia Nair: ‘BLOW’

Following her notable single ‘Something, Something’ Sweden’s Nadia Nair has returned with the bodacious ‘BLOW’. Blessed with a unique voice, Nair has elevated this to club status. Shifting from soul ballad to a sonic dance switch-up, open your ears to a feast of magnificent body-moving urban pop.  

Fresh: Flora Cash – ‘For Someone’

Flora Cash is husband and wife Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj. The Swedish duo have released bewitching sonnet ‘For Someone’. Peppered vocally with warbling ¬†leaps into soaring vibrato, there is something beautifully cinematic about this song. They capture an underlying sadness that is unexpectedly moving.

AKIINE – ‘Frid (Niva Remix)’

Swedish-born Akiine Kivel√§ Ngarambe shortened to AKIINE now resides in London and provides today’s Song of the Day. ‘Frid’ was previously released in 2014, but fellow Swede Niva has remixed the track and it is being passed around the blogosphere rapidly. Propelled on a flight through dreamy landscapes evoked by the uniquely soothing vocals of…