T in the Park Under Threat? Twitter Reacts…

T in the Park Under Threat? Twitter Reacts…

There have been various reports of T in the Park being under threat this year. In the last 24 hours The Daily Record, The Herald, BBC and more have all published stories.

It has been revealed that at proposed new site Stathallan Castle, ospreys had returned to nest there. The protected birds are obviously a major concern for the RSPB and other wildlife groups, but it also has been reported that organisers DF Concerts have been working with groups to try and safeguard the birds.

With only a matter of a few months till the festival, this is how some of the public have reacted on Twitter to the news…

The lothario:




The gamer:


The lover:


The realist:


The comedian:


The eager hitman:


Harry Enfield’s love child:


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