Steve Benjamins: ‘Silence’

Steve Benjamins: ‘Silence’

Toronto-based musician Steve Benjamins has been regularly releasing music, as first-time listeners, his latest song ‘Silence‘ has made one hell of an impact.

As minimal is it is, this has a deep-rooted sense of jubilation about it. Achieving a great balance between two dynamic extremes, this has a strong sense of what it wants to be. I can’t recall being so uplifted by a song in some time.

“Silence isn’t about one thing in particular. It’s more of a collection of thoughts (and sometimes phrases that I just like the sound of). Mostly the thoughts are meant as encouragement. Sometimes I’m writing to people in my life and sometimes I’m writing to me— trying to reassure and fortify myself.” explains Benjamins. 

There is also something really fucking delightful and endearing about a guy in a grey jumper dancing in the middle of a snowy forest.

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