16 January 2017

StarBenders: ‘Down & Out ⚤’


Atlanta glam punk quartet StarBenders are rumoured to have started when frontwoman Kimi Shelter and drummer Katie Herron met at a nature-healing camp for wayward girls in Georgia. With the latter addition of bassist Aaronoius Monk and guitarist Chris Tokajim, the band was complete.

Their latest single ‘Down & Out ⚤’ will transport you back to an era when seminal rock bands such as Kiss, Aerosmith and Heart ruled the airwaves with their defiant and uplifting rock anthems.

There is a love and unfaltering belief within the lyrics that makes this exquisite, not-to-mention a joy to behold. With their sense of theatricality, grandeur, an epic key change and great motherlicking pop hooks, this is not so much a guilty pleasure, but more an essential listen.

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