Spotify Playlist: Warrior

Spotify Playlist: Warrior

Welcome to our Spotify playlist. All the songs this week are by female artists or outfits with females.  A rich, diverse and highly listenable collection of songs await your company. 


Broken Baby: It’s My Show!

The brainchild of Amber Bollinger and Alex Dezen (The Damnwells), LA-based duo Broken Baby have emerged with a sinister and intelligent indie-punk juggernaut. Its propulsive energy and Bollinger’s vocals pack enough attitude to fuel a rocket and the result is a danceable, fierce and delicious ball of boldness. 

Loyal Lobos: Wrong

Columbian singer-songwriter, Andrea Silva aka Loyal Lobos is fast becoming one of our favourite vocalists of late. Whilst there are a number of musicians producing stylistically similar sonnets, Silva remains identifiable in her craft. This is what is best about folk and the sum of clever, soulful songwriting and balmy vocals is a winning combination. 

Amanda Tenfjord: Let Me Think

Having made quite the impression in her native Norway, this is the third song from the young singer and another addition to a solid electro-pop mini catalogue. There’s a sultry jam beneath its pop exterior and a certain vulnerability that makes this all the more attractive. 

Rosie Carney: Orchid

Another of our list that has had previous coverage and an artist that has gained significant praise across the respected press. The Irish marvel returns with latest single Orchid and a song that is drenched in sleepy melancholy. There’s a real craft on show here and this is yet another stepping stone leading her onto continued success. 

REYNA: Heartbeat

The Milwaukee sisters could be placed onto a pop throne of greats alongside the likes of Carly Rae Jepson and Robyn with ease. This is timeless songwriting and is a sassy yet candied pop gem. This is immediate, intoxicating and fun. 

Sarah MacDougall: Baby, I Know 

The third single to be released from the Canadian singer’s recently released album, All The Hours I Have Left To Tell You Anything. Hypnotic and brooding, MacDougall effortlessly weaves a spell with her lulling vocal and transports you somewhere rewarding. 

Alpines: Be Yours

Duo Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson are set to release album Full Bloom and here is our first introduction to what promises to be something incredibly fulfilling. Pockson’s vocal is the gamechanger here and her delivery is immaculate. This song is an atmospheric triumph. 

Highasakite: I Call Bullshit

The second Norwegian addition to our list and this has personality stamped all over it. The pop sophisticates combine an effortless blend of plush vocals, a hook-laden top line and ravishing production to create one of the more unsuspecting earworms of the year. 

The Van T’s: Suis-Je Cool?

The surf-rock quartet return after almost a year since their last release. Having been continuous on the live circuit, their latest single is by far one of the more dynamic from their discography. A fantastic amalgam of grunge-driven guitars and radiant vocal harmonies, you will find something new each time you listen. 

Tesha: See So Good

The first single to be taken from the artist’s second EP, Growing Pain II, the Brooklyn alt-electro star has had one of the most memorable years in terms of releases. The oddities within her vocal and the song’s production set her apart from a multitude of her peers. This is fully-grown and deeply engaging. 

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