Spotify Playlist: The Sine Wave

Spotify Playlist: The Sine Wave

Welcome to the Podcart playlist. This moves like a sine wave. Emotionally, it peaks and troughs and the music will hopefully mimic that. Acoustic to electro to indie to alternative and more in between. Put your headphones on, go for a walk, put it on in the car, play in your office, just please listen. With love.

This week’s artists:

Many Voices Speak: ‘Necessaries’ 

Hilary Woods: ‘Prodigal Dog’ 

Kiasmos: ‘Zebra (feat Högni)’ 

Jon Hopkins: ‘Singularity’ 

VILDE: ‘Flash In The Pan’ 

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert: ‘Party On’ 

Louize: ‘Marketing + Ads’ 

Amanda Shires: ‘Leave It Alone’ 


No Swoon: ‘Still’ 

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