Spotify Playlist: The Hook

Spotify Playlist: The Hook

Welcome to our weekly Spotify playlist. This week is about the hook, all the songs selected have captured our attention because they have lingered in our thoughts and made us return for further listening.  A rich, diverse and highly listenable collection of songs await your company. With love.


All Tvvins: Infinite Swim 

Ever since the Irish duo (aka Conor Adams and Lar Kaye) released ‘Thank You’ back in 2015, we have been addicted. They have moved seamlessly from their respective fields of math rock and alternative indie to pop seamlessly. The bassline on this song is heavenly and it could sit effortlessly alongside any track on the current Radio 1 A-list. Its surprising bite, uncomplicated melodies and slick production are veritably satisfying. 

Bets: Left My City

Brooklyn-based Bets aka Betsy Hershey creates a no frilled sound in this electronic oddity. She shines a wistful torch throughout and the result is a digital lullaby that many of us can relate to through her simple yet poignant lyrics. There’s something really genuine in her delivery and whilst it may seem nectarous from the outside, there is something far deeper being showcased.

Bob Vylan: We Don’t Care (It Ain’t Safe)

Lyrically, this is a humorous and depressing commentary on the gentrification of London. The punk rock duo manages to launch a blistering attack on their subjects whilst managing to maintain an uncomplicated sonic setup. There is plenty to get your teeth into here, its aggression translates this into a visceral experience. 

Catching Flies: Satisfied

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ George King is the man behind the Catching Flies moniker and an artist that has garnered impressive praise and coverage from some of the most influential people in the dance music field. His latest release showcases a memorable arrangement carrying you through a symphonic dream. It’s unabashed grace and subtlety is what highlights it as something deserving of a huge audience.  

Emilie Kahn: Island

With the announcement of her next album Outro to be released in February 2019 via Secret City Records, Kahn returns with another faultless gem. There is no pretentiousness here, it is completely unassuming but creeps up on you like a gradual warmth. The meandering adventure within the instrumental is fascinating and if this is an indication of what we can expect from the album, contentment awaits. 

Kills Birds: Worthy Girl

Once this hits your aural stream, it may come as no surprise that it is produced by Justin Raisen (Kim Gordon, Sky Ferriera, Charlie XCX). A harmonious melding of punk, grunge and rock, this is a pristine cacophonic knockout.  Razor-sharp delivery, gutsy guitar lines and an unyielding percussive backbone make this one of the most replayable alternative songs of the year. 

Mel Parsons: Just ‘Cause You Don’t Want Me

The New Zealand singer-songwriter’s vocal alone is a ridiculous blessing. Her latest release stands in stark contrast to a number of songs on this list and will leave most listeners desperate to see her live not to mention starving for more of her catalogue. This is not only majestic but as rich as every glint of yellow and orange in a summer sunset. This is a song to marvel at. 

Orla Gartland: Between My Teeth

Dublin-born & London-based Gartland will embark on a support tour with Hudson Taylor this month. Her vocal gymnastics provide another dimension compared to your regular pop song vocal delivery. There’s an unpredictable arrangement here but the song is still completely accessible thanks to its stunning production and ultimately thanks to Gartland’s sensational vocal. 

The Orielles: Bobbi’s Second World

The Halifax/Liverpool 4-piece have gained new dizzy heights of popularity and praise and this is a prime example why. A funky, psychedelic and capricious piece which serves more like a score. It feels almost insulting to call it anything less. This is a full body of work that infuses so much talent and influence that it is impossible to pigeonhole it. Resolutely quirky, it will be fascinating to see where they go next. 

Tom Boy: How To Become A Drug Dealer

I have become bordering on obsessed with this. There is something about its melodic make up that is superbly appealing. With a very dark undercurrent as to why the new material has been written, I feel almost guilty to be thankful for the reasons why. This is an irresistibly captivating track that explodes into a euphoric alt-electronic anthem. 

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