Spotify Playlist: Reflex

Spotify Playlist: Reflex

Welcome to the Podcart playlist. This playlist is about moving away from the mechanical. The dynamics are polarised here and everything feels very organic with each song. With love.


The Silver Lines: Roamer

There have been various attempts at trying to achieve something credible when it comes to channeling influences from the past which have failed miserably, but Northern band, The Silver Lines manage to keep a simplicity and authenticity. Whilst this favours attitude over technique, it’s packed full of charisma and incredibly catchy. 

Henry Jamison: Gloria

Its complex layering pushes you to various emotional states. This is a stunning experience with heady production values which moves continuously leaving you feel almost possessed.  Melodically, it radiates ambition and as a listening experience it’s one of the most beautiful this year. 

The Pale White: Wisdom Tooth

Newcastle’s alternative music plain has become of the most exciting in the UK in recent years, The Pale White add to the plethora of notable new bands flying the flag. Their recent hit is is flawless. Delivered with incredible panache, its hulking guitar riffs and tenacious vocals take this to new heady heights. 

Old Sea Brigade: Feel You

It would take a heart of stone not to be moved by this. A lush composition with a vocal so pure, it will weigh on your thoughts. Its accomplished dramatics elevate this not only lifting this to new heights, but it will be some time before you become earthbound again after listening. 

Liily: Toro

The Los Angeles outfit provide one of the more indulgent songs of late. This fulfils on the promise of delivering solid, monolithic rock in a way that’s cohesive and extremely listenable. 

Deanna Devore: Breathing Room

Our first introduction to the Toronto-based instrumentalist and her vocal alone is captivating. It may be impassive, but it’s that beauty that helps it blend seamlessly with the instrumentation of the song and there’s a rare richness here that excels in the field of folk. 

Yacht Punk: Need A Reason

Inspired by Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, if anything this calls back to 2005 for me and a time where indie rock was so incredibly inspiring that it pathed the way for many a pivotal band. Its hook alone will make you head for repeated listening. This is a beautifully crafted and delivered song with stunning topline melodies. Prepare to sing this at the top of your lungs. 

Rue Royale: Chip Away

This is perfect, replayable indie pop and its shift between optimism and melancholy is what creates the magic here. Endlessly inventive, there’s an effervescence in the songwriting and delivery that makes this a song for me that I wish I had written. 

The Emporers Of Ice Cream: The Sunshine Song

You could be fooled into thinking by the name alone, you are headed for a party with someone like The Flaming Lips, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Packed with discordant, rabid angles, this is frightfully addictive and 1 minute 48 seconds of welcome punk dissonance. 

Deru: Refuge

There are few songs, or should I say scores that I have found so immediately affecting this year and this is one of them. Benjamin Wynn aka Deru burrows deep within your psyche with this and its textural abrasiveness at times provides something deeply unsettling to contrast against its sweeping melodic composition. This is a rewarding listen. 

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