Spotify Playlist: Climb & Conquer

Spotify Playlist: Climb & Conquer

Welcome to the Podcart playlist.

Full of dynamic, this is like climbing a mountain and coming back down again. It begins with chilled out electronica, reaches a hip-hop crescendo and ends with a piano. Hopefully, it will soundtrack a journey, a time in your day or some time out. With love.

This week’s artists:

Belorusia: ‘Toska’ (Scotland/Germany)

Louize: ‘Marketing + Ads’ (Canada)

Campdogzz: ‘Souvenir’ (USA)

Jo Passed: ‘MDM’ (Canada)

Orions Belte: ‘Atlantic Surfing’ (Norway)

Madge: ‘Alice’ (USA)

Happy Puppy Denim: ‘London Thing!’ (England)

Noga Erez: ‘Bad Habits’

Edwin Organ: ‘Royal Rumble’ (Scotland)

Faodail: ‘Fairweather’ (Scotland)

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