Spotify: New Music Playlist

Spotify: New Music Playlist

Welcome to our weekly Spotify playlist. We say hello to our first playlist of 2019. Here are a collection of songs that have stood out for us this week and the reasons why. With love.


Monica Martin: Thoughtless

The Chicago-born singer-songwriter grew up in rural Wisconsin and immersed herself in Billie Holliday. Now based in Los Angeles, she has released latest single, ‘Thoughtless’. A supple singer, her melodious delivery and rich arrangements are hook-laden. This is indelible songwriting with added confidence. 

Edwin Organ: Are You Tired Too?

There is an abundance of quirkiness that streams from the Glasgow-based producer, but as previously mentioned, it’s Organ’s voice that notes his presence. There’s an allure and creative vision that makes him both fascinating and memorable. For those new to Organ, this is the perfect introduction to an artist with longevity. 

Little Simz: Selish (feat. Cleo Sol)

She has recently announced the release of forthcoming album GREY. Her third studio album and her evolution continues to propel her into the top tier of her field and beyond. A brooding tenacity establishes itself throughout and this is an artist in full command of her craft. 

Bossy Love: Up All Over Me

Shall we just announce the BL fan club now? I am full of admiration for the duo. It doesn’t feel like they follow any guidelines in terms of their release schedule and output. This is, without doubt, their finest song to date. Scotland is crying out for a stellar pop outfit to represent it and we have it in Bossy Love. They are a cultural force and fully embrace their musical strengths. 

Someone: Pull It Together

Amsterdam artist Someone, AKA Tessa Rose Jackson, releases her latest single from upcoming new EP Orbit, the follow up to last year’s Chain Reaction EP. Executed beautifully, this explodes with sonic colour. It’s surprising layers of detail burrow beneath the psyche and leaves you feeling fifty shades more joyful. 

George Moir: Blame

Based in Plymouth, you would be hard pushed to believe that Moir is fairly new to the music industry carousel. With a gorgeous choral backdrop that melds with Moir’s vocal perfectly, its soulful electronic underbelly carries everything else effortlessly in its arms. 

Charlotte Cornfield: Andrew

Taken from her new album, The Shape of Your Name, our introduction to Cornfield does everything to make you want to instantly immerse yourself in as much of her music as humanly possible. The Toronto singer-songwriter also teams up with a notable list of collaborators including Broken Social Scene members Brendan Canning, Kevin Drew and Charles Spearin. Its lush instrumental arrangement does nothing but amplifies Cornfield’s perfect vocal. 

SANDSCAPE: Shores (Turtle Rework)

It’s no secret I have been a huge fan of Turtle over the years so it is fantastic to see his name with another collaborator. This reworking shows stylistic flourish and its trip-hop heartbeat is exquisite. Flushed with an angelic vocal canopy, it will come as no surprise to some that SANDSCAPE was formed by Eliza Shaddad and Daniel Sonabend. This will win over a lot of new fans. 

Faodail: Northbound

The Scottish producer continues his output of intoxicating neo-classical electronica. This is a textured suite of piano, synths and beats that is captivating. He explores soundscapes in a way which places him on the same level as far more established peers. He has a strong sense of identity and someone not to be underestimated. 

Okay Champ: Ticket

It’s almost a relief to have a band like Okay Champ in my listening stream. Hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, ‘Ticket’ is taken from the newly released, Dead About Thinking. Its discordant, raw, frantic energy is a blessing and its bands like this that provide a vital sound in an often boring pool of generic rock. 

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