Spotify: New Music Playlist

Spotify: New Music Playlist

Welcome to our weekly Spotify playlist. We say hello to our first playlist of 2019. Here are a collection of songs that have stood out for us this week and the reasons why. With love.

George McFall: Practice

The Edinburgh producer who is also one part of Tenement Records returns with bombast. Practice is the third single to be taken from his latest album XIV:Surrounder. With its controlled experimentation, it brings together enough dynamism to blow the roof of your house off. This is emphatic, aggressive and unique and the skill on show here in terms of production is stunning. 

Yes We Mystic: Young Evil

Taken from their forthcoming record Ten Seated Figures, the 5-piece nails a complexity and furore that elevates this. An engrossing listen, they combine an aggressive musical attack with a vocal that has a fascinating otherworldliness in it’s admirable falsetto delivery. This is very special. 

Stillhound: Walk In The Park

The alt-indie Scottish trio return and this represents another step forward in their musical development. Distinctive in their style, the 3-piece has an immediately identifiable style and this blends lush melodic soundscapes with a sadness that underpins the lyrics. This is both charming and fascinating in equal measure. 

Prospa: Prayer

The Leeds duo is one of the most exciting new additions to my listening. A callback to early 90s dance with its intense breakbeat techno heartbeat, this helps bring back the feeling of rave experiences and does so with finesse. With heavenly synth overtones and guttural vocal samples, you will be hitting play repeatedly. This is a complete triumph. 

Skye Wallace: Coal In Your Window

You will be hard-pushed not to compare this at points with Queens Of The Stone Age’s Lullabies To Paralyze stylistic delivery, but Wallace’s voice is the star of the show. Her titillating vocal performance is authentic, passionate and unforgettable. Combine that with meandering guitar riffs and high-octane percussive lines and you have a hit. 

Malihini: If U Call

Having recently released their debut album Hopefully, the hypnotic Italian duo gives an incredible taster in their latest single release. A slowly haunting and beautiful masterclass in synth-pop, Federica Caiozzo’s lead vocal manages to add depth to the song and makes this feel both poignant and rich. 

Black Belt Eagle Scout: Indians Never Die

The power of simplicity is a lesson here. It’s evocative chord progression and subtle strength makes this all the more touching and artist Katherine Paul seamlessly expresses her love and fears about being a native person in the US today. There’s a raw, elemental style on show here that makes her stand out in a sea of singer-songwriters. 

Old Flame: Echo Base

This is an inspired anthem and probably the most moving song of our list. With the subject of love at its roots, it moves with grace and it’s swells of emotion creep up on you without notice. It’s warm arms wrap around you with strong bittersweet feelings and as it hits the crescendo line: “why are we so broken-hearted?” you can’t help but feel the sadness rise inside you. This is perfection. 

Monica Martin: Patient

The Chicago-born singer-songwriter is another of the notable vocalists on our list. Her classic songwriting is something I have craved and there’s a real maturity and skill shining through on her latest single. Immediately grabbing, it manages to reveal more with repeated listening. Alluring and sumptuous with every chord change, this showcases someone with a long career ahead of them.  

OYSTER KIDS: Losing My Mind

The Los Angeles outfit started as a recording project for multi-instrumentalist Andrew Eapen and now a 4-piece has received critical acclaim since their formation and latest single Losing My Mind shows why. This is a glowing, hook-laden and ambitious soundscape and will transport you into a dreamy, ethereal state. 

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