16 February 2015

Spinning Coin – ‘Pimp’


Christ I love Winning Sperm Party. Their true DIY skeleton has always been an attraction and their latest band – Spinning Coin, are no exception.

First off the bat, the line-up has 4 of the most incestuous band members in the city. Cal Donnelly (current Passion Pusher/Breakfast Muff/Youngstrr Joey), Chris White (ex Phat Trophies/Neighbourhood Gout/plaaydoh/Eternal Fags), Jack Mellin (current Smack Wizards/Mary Column) and Sean Armstrong (current The Yawns/Sean Armstrong Experience).

With its slow-growing charm and low-pitched grace, ‘Pimp’s’ aural fug with make you feel compelled to return to it again and again.

Taken from a 4-song cassette and free digital download, it will be available to download via Winning Sperm Party in late March 2015.

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