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Once upon a time there was an interface called Myspace. Podcart began on this interface and discovered lots of new and wonderful musicians. Then came along a big bad nasty makeover and it went to shit so Podcart had to find another way to discover new musicians. Something called Soundcloud came along and helped save their sanity. We have yet another new feature folks! Every week we will be picking 4 tracks from our Soundcloud followers or Soundcloud submissions and telling YOU about them! This week is a fairly electronic week so a word to all you musicians, get following or submitting to and drench us with your sounds!

Our 4 picks this week are:

Esq‘Ladyboy’ (Glasgow, Scotland)

Ladyboy by Esq

This is a dirty little number, a barrage of synth sounds that cover you in a lovely blanket of melodies. Don’t get too comfy though because after a minute or so you will be exhausted from jumping all over the place in your pants!

Death in the Afternoon
‘Oh Youth!’ (Sweden)

Oh Youth! by Death in the Afternoon

Dream pop at its best! Swedish band Death in the Afternoon were a random listen and have been on heavy rotation this week. Sweet vocals and a sound that the Tron soundtrack would be jealous of! Get your ears wrapped round this!

Craig_FS ‘Clove’ (Dundee/Glasgow, Scotland)

Clove by Craig_FS

This gentleman has been blowing myself and Kirstin away with his work. A bedroom based artist that has been consistently worthy of hitting the big time with his sounds. Huge beats and spine tingling synth riffs. Craig_FS is destined for truly great things.

Free School‘I’m Not A Nintendo’ (Birmingham, England)

I’m Not Nintendo by Free School

How do these people pass us by? I never know. This track has been out for a year along with a set on Soundcloud and is so bloody uplifting. With a cracking bass line and a choral melody that gets that blood pumping.

Keep your eyes peeled as we will have another 4 tracks next week!

Halina Rifai

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