Song of the Day: Lists – Veil

Song of the Day: Lists – Veil

Lists is back with another track and within the first few minutes of listening realised that as with the last ‘Veil’ my Song of the Day.

The man behind Lists – Ali Milesi, is a singer/songwriter based in Edinburgh and after the feedback I had after making his last song ‘Autumn’ Song of the Day I knew the follow-up would be as satisfying.

There are a number of reasons that Lists stand out. Firstly, the songs are original and captivating. Secondly, the production is pristine, it introduces beautiful little trinkets into the mix and everything has its place. Lastly, his voice lets you experience an intimacy that is on another aural level. The brilliant thing about Milesi is that he has clearly absorbed his influences, but managed to create something original. He is a stand out.

Halina Rifai

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