Song of the Day: Lilac Pin – ‘Easy’

Song of the Day: Lilac Pin – ‘Easy’

‘Easy’ is the 3rd track that has been sent from a new artist with just a link to stream and not much else. Apparently they are from Glasgow and this in itself is very exciting indeed as they don’t sound like anyone else.

I am assuming these guys are either in development and have a publishing deal or team behind them, well I am hoping.

This is a track to study and indulge yourself in. Yeah, the vocals are huge, the production is stunning, but it is just completely satisfying. There is nothing I can fault on this track and it is instantly one of the strongest new tracks I have heard by a new artist.

Lilac Pin’s influences have been fully digested and they have produced something that is warm, sweeping and completely sensuous.


Halina Rifai

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