Song of the Day: King Post Kitsch – The Days Keep Coming

Song of the Day: King Post Kitsch – The Days Keep Coming

King Post Kitsch has been a hermit of late, I know he has been working hard on new material and actually produced a full album that has not even been released. I believe that has been pushed to the side for now and our Song of the Day today – ‘The Days Keep Coming’ is a taster of what is to come.

Charlie Ward who is the man behind the music has absolutely nailed it with this track. He expressed in a brief conversation that he had been listening to a lot of Minutemen and other punk rock bands. Clearly it has influenced this, I just adore everything about it. At only 2 minutes 26 seconds I have seen myself play this about 16 times already today.

I know people ask you to listen to tracks, but get your headphones and really listen to this. It is stunning from its syncopated percussion right through to its vicious guitar onslaught towards the end.

I sincerely hope stations like BBC 6 are all over this.

Halina Rifai

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