Song of the Day: Bastard Mountain – Swam Like Sharks

Song of the Day: Bastard Mountain – Swam Like Sharks

“Bastard Mountain are: Pete Harvey & Neil Pennycook from Meursault, Jill O’Sullivan from Sparrow & the Workshop, Rob St. John from eagleowl & Meursault, Rory Sutherland from Broken Records & Reuben Taylor from James Yorkston & the Athletes.”

After reading this I felt immediately inferior, it is like a force field of ungodly  talent. I suppose the expectation to some is greater as you would expect something particularly special to bloom and Bastard Mountain do not disappoint.

Pennycook and O’Sullivan are particularly heavy on the heart, my bottom lip was trembling by the last minute I have to say. Their vocals are a striking match that would impress any whisky-soaked night. I have always adored the almost confessional type of songwriting of Pennycook and O’Sullivan augments all emotion. Musically, this is doors behind doors. It has so many layers of perfection that with reference to their name leave me looking up in awe like a weeble at the bottom.

Pay attention, this is greatness.

Bastard Mountain – Swam Like Sharks by Song, by Toad

Label: Song, By Toad

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