Smudge All Stars: ‘Brutal Funk’

Smudge All Stars: ‘Brutal Funk’

It’s hard to believe that Smudge All Stars only started life as a band this year and their latest release ‘Brutal Funk’ is a further testament to an innovative and much-needed outfit. 

Steered by Richie Stevens, son of the late John Stevens, a pioneer of British free jazz, the self-confessed “audio intelligence collective” marry funk, soul and jazz effortlessly. 

Their musical craft feels established, mature and full of life. They breathe their talent and it’s slap-bass injections, angular beats and astounding vocal deliveries will have you struggling not to move. 

Feel-good energy and positivity flood this sonically and with its old-skool vibe, this will be your new earworm. 


  1. Bloody brilliant


  2. Bloody brilliant. Old school funk just how I like it. Getting the album right now.

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