Sløtface – ‘Nancy Drew’

Sløtface – ‘Nancy Drew’

Haley Shea and co return with another blow to the venter with new single, ‘Nancy Drew’

Following on from their last track, ‘Magazine‘, Sløtface continue on a road of calling out industry wankers and celebrating feminism in their own righteousness.

“The lyrics are an attempt at making a song that has a more positive spin on an album that is mostly about things I’m nervous about, or things that are worrying in general. For this song I wanted to create a kind of superhero saviour, so I drew inspiration from Nancy Drew and tried to imagine a bad-ass superhero who crushes the music industry’s boys’ club and the patriarchy with one punch.” explains Shea.

There is no pandering or hiding here musically either, with its brazen powerhouse riffs and bowel-shaking mini crescendos, this is just over 3 minutes of high-octane defiance.

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