Slim Wrist: ‘Lomond’

Slim Wrist: ‘Lomond’

Edinburgh electro duo Slim Wrist hit the sweet spot between chaos and peace with their latest release ‘Lomond‘. 

Some may know the duo under the guise of Super Inuit, but with the name change comes a more captivating listening experience. 

Lomond‘ is a beautifully paced track and its pulsating underbelly is complimented impeccably by a divine falsetto topline. They haven’t strayed too far from the musical canvas that served them well previously, but this feels far more self-assured and mature in its production. 

Swimming deliriously through the various layers of melody and percussion that make this arrangement so engaging, you can’t help but feel glad to lose yourself in the melancholy of it all. I can’t wait for what comes next. 

Photo by Laura Meek Photography

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