Siobhan Wilson: ‘Paris Est Blanche’

Siobhan Wilson: ‘Paris Est Blanche’

Siobhan Wilson has always had an unconventional quality about her. Her stage presence, especially, sees her in this curious dreamlike state that you sometimes wonder what she’s thinking.

Her compelling new single, ‘Paris Est Blanche’, soundtracks these aforementioned observations perfectly.  A song penned by her ex-boyfriend in Paris, they parted ways after a lengthy relationship and haven’t seen each other since. For me, it takes a certain type of bravery to revisit times like those, but as Wilson describes, “his song on my album is a way of evoking a beautiful memory.”

The hairline between sorrow and gratitude in the realms of love is captured perfectly on record and on video. Fascinating and tender, this is an understated, subtle song that when it hits, it explodes.

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