Siobhan Wilson: ‘Dark Matter’

Siobhan Wilson: ‘Dark Matter’

With her latest album, There Are No Saints gaining widespread acclaim, Siobhan Wilson has continued to organically build her profile in music. 

‘Dark Matter’, is the latest song to be accompanied by another striking video. She says of it, ‘Dark Matter’ is about all of the things you can never understand about life, time, space and people. The lyrics talk about the uncertainty and frustration of never truly knowing what is on somebody else’s mind. It’s an acceptance that no matter how hard you search, sometimes just don’t find the answer.”

This never panders by creating an artificial sense of drama, there’s an authenticity and realness to Wilson’s delivery that is both thought-provoking and poignant. With its evolution over the course of the track, the subtle changes in intonation, she has once again let us into her deeply personal world and it is a complete privilege.

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