Sick Joy: ‘Dissolve Me’

Sick Joy: ‘Dissolve Me’

Bands such as Dancehall have been helping fill a more dynamic gap of late in alternative rock, but with the addition of Newcastle natives Sick Joy, it feels that the tide is starting to turn in favour of a much-needed ferocity. 

With a highly anticipated show at Glasgow’s Garage this October 13th, they have revealed latest single, ‘Dissolve Me’

A wonderfully nostalgic call back to grunge stalwarts such as Nirvana, the band says, “it’s 3 minutes of abrasive, cataclysmic, heavy pop. It’s whatever the fuck you want it to be.”

We say, this is delivered with panache and elevated by Mykl Barton’s barbarous vocals. ‘Dissolve Me’ balances melody with bombast perfectly. 

Sick Joy play Glasgow Garage (Attick) October 13th. Tickets are on sale now.

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