27 February 2018

SHHE: ‘Eyes Shut’


When Podcart first began, Su Shaw was one of the first musicians that shone for us. Aside from her striking vocal, she had this savage determination and that filtered onto her stage. Her live performances were a mixture of poignancy and power.

After a lengthy sabbatical, she returns – as SHHE. Taking on more of a producer role this time, the sentiment that cradled her music previously is still very much apparent. Her debut single, ‘Eyes Shut’, is delivered with a forceful focus, but there will always be an element of vulnerability in Shaw’s music. With its alluring darkness, rather than hitting you hard, this snakes around you leaving a feeling of exposure.

Her reinvention has come as a blessing and as someone that knows what she is capable of, the journey ahead is going to be something very special.

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