Ten years have passed and Su Shaw remains, to this day, one of my favourite musical discoveries. 

There was always a knowing feeling that Shaw was destined for greater things and her talent, even a decade ago, was breathtaking. Having announced a new record deal with stalwart label One Little Indian, this has now become a realisation. 

Under her new guise, SHHE, Shaw continues where she left off by threading a controlled and mesmerising vein throughout her music. 

She succeeds in creating heart-rending songs and new single ‘BOY‘ is no exception. Gorgeously conceived, its poignant lyrical story of identification bleeds emotion until the very end. 

This flourishes with every unsettling utterance and every chord change. It also manages to distil what it means to be human and what it feels like to experience pain but does so in the most beautiful way. 

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