Saro: ‘Vapor’

Saro: ‘Vapor’

LA-based Saro‘s recent EP, Boy Afraid has gained a significant fanbase and with support slots accompanying the likes of Miguel, it’s easy to see what the fuss is all about with latest single, ‘Vapor’.

The electro-R&B singer shows a restriction in the burying of emotions underneath its expertly produced layers.

Saro explains, “The premise of “Vapor” is to become intangible to someone. Someone who was once able to hold you… maybe someone who lacks the ability to open up or provide vital emotional support… so they lose you. And one day when they reach out having realized that life without you isn’t life at all, it’s too late. You have changed state. And through their grasp slips the fog of you, leaving only traces of your memory.”

‘Vapor‘ is stark, tender and breathtaking. There’s a rolling polar symmetry to the song thanks to the gravitational pull of its deep synth underbelly and Saro’s faultless high-octave vocal. This is as powerful as it is atmospheric.

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