Sarah J Stanley – ‘I Promise Mum’

Sarah J Stanley – ‘I Promise Mum’

I remember seeing Sarah Stanley for the first time live a number of years ago. Both her and her partner owned and ran an arts café called Project Slogan in Aberdeen.

I remember seeing a ukulele on stage and inside I think I whispered ‘oh no, here we go’, but like numerous times I was proved wrong.

There is simply nothing that Stanley cannot do creatively. Not only is she a respected artist, but she even does web and graphic design. For me, it’s her music that sets her apart from a lot of other folk artists.

At this point I must say that Stanley is also a very talented electronic artist and whilst part of me wishes she would explore that more, her acoustic catalogue cannot be dismissed. Stanley is a very dry character, her quick wit and on stage banter often has her audience laughing, but it goes a lot deeper. When she starts playing there is a deep level of emotion that one might not necessarily see from Stanley in conversation.

‘I Promise Mum’ is Podcart’s Song of the Day. Cross-pollinating snippets of electronica and folk combined with Stanley’s naïve vocals make this oddly beautiful. Capable of evocative and haunting songwriting, I just wish she did more.

Sarah Stanley supports Hannah Lou Clark at Glasgow’s Stereo Saturday 21st for TYCI’s next event. Advanced tickets HERE

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