Ruby Gaines: ‘Holier Than Cows’

Ruby Gaines: ‘Holier Than Cows’

With ‘Holier Than Cows’, Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Ruby Gaines serves up a brilliantly accomplished track.

Gaines’ magnificent vocals channel jazz and pop icons, evoking notable range and dynamic emotion. Her sound remains radically unique.

Blazing guitar riffs intertwine with bold percussion as Gaines’ incredible voice soars. She’s a gifted storyteller, crafting vivid scenes. This single captivates start to finish and Gaines and her talented band blend old and new seamlessly.

‘Holier Than Cows’ announces a fresh, fearless talent with an old soul at its roots. The artist has sculpted a scorching anthem thanks to clever songwriting and bold musicianship. This is one of the best Scottish releases of 2023. 

Photo by Marieke Macklon

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