Robert Robert: ‘The Person Who Knows’

Robert Robert: ‘The Person Who Knows’

Taken from the new EP How To Save Water, Montreal producer Robert Robert beguiles with his new single, ‘The Person Who Knows’.

“The song is about people I know who are all looking for meaning in their lives and their reasons for being. And the way we escape behind our screens to appease anxiety. It speaks of feeling empty and looking at the future like a wall. The video represents the insensitivity that beats to stay away from everything that happens in the world, the comfort of escape. Ignorance is bliss.” He explains. 

This is a mesmerising work with multi-layered trinkets of electronic ecstasy. It feels sonically ambitious and fuses glorious synths deep within its stomach to catapult it to somewhere transcendental. 

Robert’s vocal is a continuous expression of warmth and yet another aspect of the song which provides something seductive and meticulously conceived. 

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