Reddening West: ‘Even If’

Reddening West: ‘Even If’

The Texan quartet has been impressing various tastemakers for a few months now, but sometimes it’s about discovering things in your own time.

Taken from their debut album deltas released back in September, ‘Even If’ is our first introduction to the 4-piece and its sweeping phrases, strings and endearing vocals draw upon a collage of emotive flavours. 

A dreamy, layered score which at times almost veers more to the classical in sound, the result is an exquisite union of creative excellence. Matt Evans has a way of pushing your emotional boundaries with his voice and it’s almost hard to put into words how vulnerable he ends up making you feel. 

A deep-seated melancholy may be present throughout, but this only adds to how heart-achingly good this is. 

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