Raveloe: ‘Rustle In The Leaves’

Raveloe: ‘Rustle In The Leaves’

With her latest single ‘Rustle In The Leaves’, Glasgow songwriter Kim Grant AKA Raveloe offers up a beautifully crafted folk song that finds relief and strength in facing one’s inner demons.

Inspired by a therapeutic conversation about anxiety’s origins as an inherited protective reaction, Grant learned to accept her sensitivity and move with it rather than feel ashamed. This journey of self-connection is evoked through vivid natural imagery – a rustling in the bushes as a predator nears.

Set to gentle acoustic fingerpicking, Grant’s gossamer vocals and the addition of Scottish stalwarts Jill Lorean and Peter Kelly on violin and percussion respectively, the song exudes a tranquil, meditative quality.

Far from melancholic rumination, ‘Rustle In The Leaves’ is a hopeful, uplifting reverie on coming to terms with darkness to find the light. Grant and her collaborators have crafted a poignant folk gem flush with organic emotion and hard-won wisdom.

‘Rustle In The Leaves’ is out now via Olive Grove Records

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