Rachel K Collier: ‘Tattoo’

Rachel K Collier: ‘Tattoo’

Welsh electronic artist Rachel K Collier returns with another faultless production in latest single ‘Tattoo’

Taken from her forthcoming album, Collier continues to deliver compelling bodies of work that feel relevant and fresh. 

‘Tattoo’ is a story of two halves and a tribute to a friend she tragically lost. The track’s mouth and build is glorious spacious balladry which opens Collier’s identifiable vocal up to an emotional delivery. The song bursts into life over the latter half and acts almost as a cathartic reply to its opening, “the second half I like to think of as a celebration of her beautiful but short life” explains Collier. 

Collier continues to exert enough ingenuity to separate her from the rest of the pack and she continues to be one of the most promising producers on the horizon. 

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