Queen Millz: ‘Money’

Queen Millz: ‘Money’

Leicestershire-born rapper Queen Millz takes no prisoners on merciless new single ‘Money‘. 

She says of the track: “​I wrote “Money” for all of the underdogs​, to show people that I may not have the money now but I don’t care, because one day I’ll it have it all.​ I ​want to show people that the world is so materialistic, at the moment, but what I do is make the best out of what I’ve got and still look flashy, without spending loads.”​

It’s that confidence that fuels the flames beneath her delivery. The song’s booming bass underlay simply augments her already cutthroat performance and although still in her infancy, this shows she is unafraid to push her musical constraints. 

Artists like Queen Millz make it easy to illustrate their potential and this is one musician ready to take their throne. 

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