Premiere: River Nelson – ‘More’

Premiere: River Nelson – ‘More’

 River Nelson‘s impressive back catalogue is nothing short of inspiring. The U.S. hip hop artist has received critical acclaim and his talking points have continued to illustrate his diligent and intelligent worldview.

‘More’ is the latest song to be taken from his third full length album, How To Dream. Comprised of 12 tracks, the new album is about staying loyal to your dreams, regardless of age, personal difficulties or life’s daily challenges.

“Since the song is about being appreciative of things that you see every day and may not take notice of, the director Eric Hudson and I wanted the video to capture a feeling of joy and thankfulness and I think we pulled it off. We didn’t necessarily want the video to be literal and follow the lyrics of the song exactly, but we wanted to show what the song is really supposed to be about.” says Nelson of ‘More’.

‘More’ is an autocade of sharp cuts and melodious crests. The glorious summer vibe of the track is a hook in itself, but the message that accompanies his absorbing flow is what continues to make Nelson a savvy artist bursting with integrity.

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