21 August 2014

Podcast 148: Milk Me


Welcome to another podcast! Please listen and enjoy and remember to check out the artists in more depth:

1. Kaddish‘As Long As Your Life Is Long’
2. ATTU - ‘We Are Ordinary People’
3. Gleemer‘Tooms **GoldFlakePaint Pick**
4. PAWS‘War Cry’
5. Modifier‘Haptic’ **Phuturelabs Pick**
6. The Twilight Sad‘There’s a Girl In the Corner’

Special thanks to Michael Chang for our artwork: cargocollective.com/mikechangdesignworkout

If you would like to contact us:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/podcart
Twitter: www.twitter.com/glasgowpodcart
Website: www.podcart.co
Email: music@podcart.co

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