Podcart’s Spotify Playlist 22

Podcart’s Spotify Playlist 22

Every week we bring you 10 songs selected by a plethora of wonderful people! You can listen via Spotify and follow for future updates!

Our contributors and their picks this week are:

Mel Reeve (Writer, Archivist) – Hop Along: ‘Not Able’

Tom Johnson (GoldFlakePaint) – Ratboys: ‘GL

Toni Malyn (EmuBands, Artist Manager) – Manchester Orchestra & Julien Baker: ‘Bad Things To Such Good Poeple

Stacey Walton (Wichita/Rock Action) – Kronos Quartet & Laurie Anderson: ‘The Water Rises’

Stevie Lennox (Co-editor, The Thin Air) – Group Zero: ‘Pursuit (Black Bones Remix)’ 

Ariane Herking (WhiteTapes) – Megan Airlie: ‘After River’

Andy Hannah (The Line Of Best Fit, Artist Manager) – Esther Vallee: ‘Hardcore’

Mari Angelica (Get In Her Ears) – Henry Green: ‘Without You’

Scott Kirkwood (Artist Manager) – The Ninth Wave: ‘New Kind Of Ego’ 

Halina Rifai (Co-Editor – Podcart) – Sharon Doorson: ‘Opinions’ 

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