30 January 2018

Podcart’s Spotify Playlist 18


Every week we bring you 10 songs selected by a plethora of wonderful people! You can listen via Spotify and follow for future updates!

Our contributors and their picks this week are:

Mel Reeve (Writer, Archivist) – Martha Ffion: ‘Take Your Name’ 

Tom Johnson (GoldFlakePaint) – NADINE: ‘Plinth’ 

Toni Malyn (EmuBands, Artist Manager) – Baloji: ‘Soleil de Volt’ 

Stacey Walton (Wichita/Rock Action) – Young Fathers: ‘In My View’ 

Stevie Lennox (Co-editor, The Thin Air) – Hand Models: ‘Skate Shoes’

Ariane Herking (WhiteTapes) – Marius Ziska: ‘Silvurlín’ 

Andy Hannah (The Line Of Best Fit, Artist Manager) – Morabeza Tobacco: ‘TTYL’

Mari Angelica (Get In Her Ears) – Mint Field: ‘Quiero Otoño De Nuevo’ 

Halina Rifai (Co-Editor - Podcart) - Raphaelle Thibaut: ’5am’

Kirsty Stewart (Co-Editor - Podcart) – LOVE SICK: ‘Hope’ 


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